Fall Table Runner {easy!}

{This post was originally published a couple years ago but I wanted to share it again because it is still one of my favorite fall decorations and was incredibly easy to make!}

I was so excited when I received a box full of Aleene’s glues and adhesives; maybe a little too excited because I tore into them and started using them before I even had time to take a picture of them.  I have found them SO useful in so many projects… I especially love using the Tacky Tape Runner on projects that I make with my toddler because  it holds as well as craft glue but doesn’t require drying time!  I also used the Max Tacky Adhesive on a caterpillar craft I made with my son and it has held up great to lots of playing (he even sleeps with it!)

This is an insanely easy and cheap project to make and I think it looks super cute!  Besides the glue, all of the supplies came from the dollar store!  Believe me, you don’t even have to be crafty to pull this one off!

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Aleene’s tacky glue
felt leaf place-mats from the dollar store
1. Lay out the leaves along the edge of a counter-top in an arrangement that will look good as a runner.
2. Now for the hard part (not really)… put glue along the edges that overlap.
3. Use heavy objects like pots and pans or books to hold the leaves together until the glue is dry.
When the glue is dry, it is ready to go!  Now you can look like a craft rock-star and nobody has to know how cheap and easy it was to make!

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Here are some more fabulous projects using Aleene’s glues and adhesives:

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Top 10 Fun and FREE Summer Activities for Kids!

Looking for great activities to take your kids to do this summer that don’t cost a dime?  I am amazed at all of these free opportunities offered by stores that I never even knew about!

Also I wanted to mention to get online to look for more local freebies near you!

Public libraries usually have lots of great summer programs for kids.  We have found several churches nearby us that offer free indoor playgrounds to the public.  There are also fabulous city parks and splash parks that we love to visit!


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Home Depot Free Kids Workshops

• FREE hands-on workshops designed for children ages 5 – 12 offered the 1st Saturday of
every month at all The Home Depot stores between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
• Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills, tool safety and instill a sense of pride
and accomplishment.
• All kids get to keep their craft and receive a FREE Kids Workshop Apron, commemorative
pin and certificate of achievement.

Lowe’s Build and Grow Free Kids Clinics

*Free classes for kids offered on Saturdays and Sundays

Apple Retail Store Youth Programs

*Free workshops for kids ages 6-13

“At the Apple Store, we offer kids a variety of programs tailored just for them. Youth Workshops, Field Trips, and Apple Camp are great ways to get kids thinking, learning, and creating —all while having fun.”

Michaels Free Crafts Club for Kids

*Variety of free in-store events for kids (ages 3 and up) and adults.

*This month they have “Passport to Imagination” classes for kids where they get to make projects form different countries around the world.

Pottery Barn Kids in-store events and book club

*Different Kids activies all summer- including a Tuesday morning book club.

Free Bowling for Kids at AMF

“At AMF, kids 15 and under can bowl for free all summer. Simply register and you’ll get a weekly voucher for two free games per child per day through September 3, based on lane availability. Shoe rental is not included.”

Barnes and Noble Kids Club and Events

Free activities this summer include a Lego building event, American Girl Clubs, game nights, and summer reading clubs where the kiddos can earn free books!  Search your local store for upcoming events.

Celebrate Arts, Culture, and Design with Target

“Through our partnerships with educators and arts organizations, Target helps students and their families engage in arts and cultural events nationwide.”

Check the website to learn about the free concerts, museum events, and cultural happenings sponsored by Target this summer.

The Lego Store Monthly Mini Model Build

“One day each month you can learn how to build a cool LEGO mini model, and take it home – for free!”

*Ages 6-14

Find volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Match

Search for local volunteer activities for your family to do  together.  Helping others in need will be a fun and fulfilling activity for your kids!

Here are some more ideas of things you can do at home with your kids:

MOTHER-load of RAINY DAY Activities for Kids

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Finally… “Z” is for ZOO Animals!

I’m so happy to be finishing up my alphabet crafts!  We have had so much fun making all of these projects!

For letter “Z” I want to share one of my favorite (and most pinned) projects.  You know that I’m a sucker for anything with my kid’s handprints, and for this project I let my son choose his 3 favorite zoo animals to make out of his hands!

handprint zoo animals

Click on the photo for the full tutorial.

And be sure to check out more fun alphabet crafts!

6 Simple Things YOU can do to REDUCE WASTE

I have always had a passion for trying to “save the earth;” I guess that was why I started a recycling club when I was 7 and recruited my neighbors to do a “curb-side recycling” program for our street (before the city began their recycling program).  Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I have to admit that I have lost some of my fervor for saving the earth and I sometimes opt for convenience over being “green.”

While recently discussing the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess (awesome, life-changing book, by the way) with friends, I started thinking about all the little things that we could be doing that aren’t really all that inconvenient, but would help reduce the stress we are causing on this beautiful planet God created.

For Earth Day (today) I wanted to share:

6 simple things you can do to reduce WASTE

1. Participate in your city’s recycling program.  I’m pretty sure you’re online now… so don’t play dumb, google it.  Most cities will pick up your recyclable materials and they will provide a list of the items they will collect and any other info you need.  Find a place in your kitchen or garage to keep an extra box/bag/container to collect these materials.  You will be amazed how much stuff you usually throw away that could be recycled.

Here are some ideas I found on Amazon:

2. Conserve energy and water.  Turn things off when you’re not using them.  Pretty simple.  It will save you money too!

3.  Use washable containers for snacks and drinks.  This is a great money-saver too.  I know it is easier to grab pre-packaged snacks and drinks for you or your kids, but it only takes a few extra seconds to put something in a container.

Look at all these cute ones!

4.  Buy used things.  If you want to purchase something that doesn’t get worn out or used up after a few uses, try to buy it used to reduce waste and save money!  I like to buy used toys, games, clothes, furniture… etc.  You can start by checking your local Craigslist or Facebook Thrift sales.  I have found a lot of great stuff on Facebook.  If you’re not familiar with this just do a FB search for your city and “thrift” or “online garage sale” and you can join groups where local people list items they would like to sell.
5. Reduce yard waste.  Instead of bagging grass clippings, set your lawn mower to turn it into mulch (or ask your lawn crew to do this)– it is better for your grass and doesn’t waste space in the landfills.  If you do have leaves, branches, or clippings that you need to dispose of you can either compost it (creating great fertilizer) or check to see if your city will pick up yard waste and compost it for you.  Where I live all you have to do is put your organic waste in paper bags (instead of trashbags) or specially marked trashcans and the city will pick it up and compost it for you.
6. Reuse things.  Whether it’s reusing ziplock bags or repurposed craft materials, you will reduce waste if you can reuse things instead of throwing them away.

recycled materials


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“Y” is for Yarn Nests!



 I have definitely gotten behind on my alphabet crafts, but I’m so close now… I have to finish out with some awesome projects!

We are enjoying all of God’s beautiful new creations this spring, so we recently made these adorable yarn nests!

I have to mention that I think I saw a craft on Pinterest that inspired this project but I can’t find it now to give credit to the one who inspired me, so if it is you please let me know!


brown paper cut into nest shape (I made mine out of paper grocery bags)

paper eggs in various colors

googly eyes


paper cut into diamond shapes (for beaks)





First we decorated the paper eggs.  The boys decorated some of them with paint and made some of them into chicks.

To make the chicks we glued on googly eyes, a beak (a diamond folded in half), and feathers.

Next the boys glued their chicks and eggs on the nest.


 Then I put some glue on the nests and let the boys stick yarn all over them.

Here are some more fun spring ideas:

Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

3 Paper Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Bunny Mask

And here are the ALPHABET CRAFTS!