Mirrored Photo Ornaments


I'm so excited to show you how to make these ornaments because not only are they gorgeous, but you won't believe how easy they are to make!  I promise you don't even need to be crafty to make these! I started out with some mirror ornaments I got at Hobby Lobby (for half off, of […]

DIY Photo Gifts

DIY Photo Gifts

 I love to make special personalized gifts for people with photos of their loved ones (human or furry)!  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! These are some of my own creations: Travertine Photo Coasters Bottle-cap Key-chain Photo Key-chain Mirrored Photo Ornaments Photo Bookmarks Custom Photo Frames And here are some others […]

Lots of Yummy CRESCENT ROLL Recipes

Lots of Yummy Crescent Roll Recipes

I love cooking with crescent rolls because they are so delicious, and they are also a great shortcut to some very impressive recipes!  I wanted to share some of the best crescent roll recipes I have found. Click on the photo to view the recipe You might also like:

Travertine Photo Coasters


Happy Birthday to my sweet Mama today!   For one of her birthday gifts I made her these travertine photo coasters which turned out so cool (it was one of those projects that got my heart-rate up because I was so excited about how they turned out)! This is a personalized handmade gift that anyone […]

Turkey Hand/Foot-print Keepsake Plate

thanksgiving plate square

 Last year I celebrated my first Thanksgiving as a mother of two; I had a whole lot to be thankful for but not much extra time!  I made this sweet plate after Thanksgiving-- too late to put it out for decoration, but I'm so glad I took a little time to make it so I […]

Bunny Mask {kid craft}

bunny mask

We made this adorable bunny mask last year but I wanted to share it again because it is my favorite Easter craft! We have made some other cute paper plate masks but this is my favorite one because it shows off his adorable face (and not just his eyes)! Materials: 2 paper plates pink construction […]

30 Beautiful Things to Make out of Recycled Materials!

recycled materials

In honor of Earth Day coming up in a few weeks I wanted to share some ideas for beautiful things you can make out of recycled materials.  I love creating things out of recycled materials because it is earth-friendly and budget-friendly! I hope these beautiful ideas will inspire you!   Here are some more tips […]

Cheap Crafty Holiday Gift Headquarters

Cheap Crafty Holiday Gift Headquarters- lots of DIY gift tutorials from Cheap Crafty Mama!

I first shared this last year but I have updated it for 2014!  Who says you have to spend a lot of money to be a generous giver?  You can be generous with the thought, time, creativity, and love put into making your holiday gifts!  Here are some of my favorite DIY gift tutorials!  There […]

Fall Table Runner {easy!}


{This post was originally published a couple years ago but I wanted to share it again because it is still one of my favorite fall decorations and was incredibly easy to make!} I was so excited when I received a box full of Aleene's glues and adhesives; maybe a little too excited because I tore into them […]

Top 10 Fun and FREE Summer Activities for Kids!


Looking for great activities to take your kids to do this summer that don't cost a dime?  I am amazed at all of these free opportunities offered by stores that I never even knew about! Also I wanted to mention to get online to look for more local freebies near you! Public libraries usually have […]

Finally… “Z” is for ZOO Animals!

handprint animal button

I'm so happy to be finishing up my alphabet crafts!  We have had so much fun making all of these projects! For letter "Z" I want to share one of my favorite (and most pinned) projects.  You know that I'm a sucker for anything with my kid's handprints, and for this project I let my […]

6 Simple Things YOU can do to REDUCE WASTE

6 simple things you can do to reduce WASTE

I have always had a passion for trying to "save the earth;" I guess that was why I started a recycling club when I was 7 and recruited my neighbors to do a "curb-side recycling" program for our street (before the city began their recycling program).  Now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I have to admit […]

“Y” is for Yarn Nests!


     I have definitely gotten behind on my alphabet crafts, but I'm so close now... I have to finish out with some awesome projects! We are enjoying all of God's beautiful new creations this spring, so we recently made these adorable yarn nests! I have to mention that I think I saw a craft […]

Easy DIY Easter Buckets

Easy DIY Easter Buckets

Okay Mamas, are you looking for cute Easter "basket" ideas that are unique and budget-friendly?  I love our new "Easter Buckets"!  They were very easy to make and I think they will be sturdier than the wicker baskets that can't quite hold up to my 2 playful little boys--- now I just need to convince […]

Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

I love coming up with fun learning experiences that both of my boys can enjoy together!  This Easter play tub has already provided hours of entertainment and many different kinds of learning experiences for only a few dollars!  I will show you how I made it and some of the ways they like to play […]

Things to Make out of T-shirts

T-shirt Collage

I have been seeing so many cute ideas of ways to re-cycle t-shirts into beautiful new creations that I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Many of these projects involve sewing but there are several no-sew options as well! Aren't they fun?  Are you inspired to get crafty with some T-shirts now? […]

Restoring Wooden Cabinets {the easy way}

How to Restore Wooden Cabinets {the easy way}

Last week my husband left town for a week-long mission trip, so I had to find a project to do while he was gone.  Not that my 1 and 3 year old boys don't keep me busy enough, but when my husband is gone I don't care if the kitchen is torn up and I […]

MOTHER Load of Rainy Day Activities for Kids!!!

MOTHER-load of RAINY DAY Activities for Kids

Saturday was the first day of March and we enjoyed spending the day outside in the beautiful 80-degree weather!  Then yesterday the temps dropped about 60 degrees and here we are stuck inside again for another ice day!  I thought this would be a perfect time to share my "Mother-load of Rainy Day Activities for […]

After IF…


I recently shared a post I wrote about the upcoming IF: Local event and why I was so excited about getting to participate in it, and I have to say that my expectations were surpassed.  IF was amazing, inspiring, and life-changing (dare I say world-changing?).... and it was just the beginning!  I want to share what God taught me […]

Mama’s Healthy Baked Ziti

square ziti

 This is my healthy verson of baked ziti.  My kids love it and don't realize how many veggies are hidden in this yummy pasta dish!     Ingredients: 1 box Penne pasta (I like to use Barilla Plus or whole-wheat pasta) 1 Tbs. olive oil 2 cloves garlic (minced) 1 can tomato sauce 1 can […]