Beaded Cross {ornament–jewlery–or wall art}

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This is a cute, inexpensive gift to make.  You can make a tiny one for a key-chain or necklace, a medium-sized one for an ornament, or a large one to hang on the wall!

You will need:

thick wire (I actually use solder because it's very easy to bend)

thin wire (I buy the spools in the floral section of the craft store, much cheaper than jewelry wire)




To get started, bend the thick wire and use the pliers to pinch it tight.


Form a cross-shape and then cut it off the wire.

String some beads on your wire making sure you have a variety of colors and sizes.  It's okay if you put more beads than you end up using.


Next, start wrapping the thin wire tightly around the center of the cross, covering up the end of the wire.


Start scooting the beads down the wire and wrapping them onto the front of the cross.


Work your way up and down each side of the cross, adding beads as you go.


Then work your way up and down each side again, this time just wrapping wire around the beads.

Once you are done, turn your cross over, clip off your wire (leaving a few extra inches), thread the end of the wire through another wire on the cross and wrap it around a few times.  Snip off the extra wire.


Add a ribbon to the top if you like!

beaded cross

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  1. This will be great to do with my youth group. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! Stopping by from tip junkie. Love your tutorial! You make it look so simple.. and it came out beautiful. Im kinda obsessed with crosses.. Ill have to try this soon. I would love for you to link this up to my Friday link party tomorrow :)

  3. I saw this same thing hanging in a Christian bookstore for $40. so came home and made 5 with things I had in the house and used a hanger since I didn’t have thick wire.

  4. Can I ask how much you think each cross makes and where you buy the wire & beanss? Thinking this would make a great MOPS craft if it fits our budget :) Thanks for the tutorial!!

  5. Lovely ! Where do you buy the solder?

  6. Just love this one, going to make these we have a group of kids called kids on mission we are going to make these and take to a nursing home at Easter time thank you I just know that the ones that receive them will be blessed. Chris

  7. Cindi Hardin says:

    I love this, I started making handmade jewelry about three years ago, mostly it was trial and error but just finding pins like yours I have learned a lot more. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  8. Heather says:

    Do you know how many inches or feet of solder wire is on the roll? I need to know how many rolls to but for a group of 20 ladies.


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