Bunny Mask {kid craft}

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We made this adorable bunny mask last year but I wanted to share it again because it is my favorite Easter craft!

We have made some other cute paper plate masks but this is my favorite one because it shows off his adorable face (and not just his eyes)!

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2 paper plates
pink construction paper
stapler (not pictured)

 1.  Cut a hole out of the center of one plate.  Cut the other plate in half and then cut out 2 bunny-ears.  Cut 2 smaller ear shapes out of the pink paper and glue them to the center of the larger ears.  Then staple the ears and the elastic band onto the plate, with the smooth part of the staple on the back of the mask and the sharp side on the front of the mask (you don't want to poke your lil' darlin' in the face).

2.  Put glue around the outside border of the plate and let your child help you glue cotton balls on (being sure to cover up the staples).

Once the glue dries it is ready to go!  Hippity-hop!


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  1. Easy and super cute!! Great idea!!

  2. Cute! Cute!Cute!

  3. Crystal Nell says:

    Easy and Super cute!!

  4. nice,easy and creative craft…thanks.

  5. Thank you for an easy doable craft the kids will love playing with! Great idea!


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