Colorful Nature Bathroom

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I got so much nice feedback from my son's nature nursery that I posted about so I thought you would like to have a peek at his bathroom too!

Just like the bedroom, I didn't want the nursery to be too gender-specific.  I wanted it to be cheerful and unique.

The biggest project we did in the bathroom was the mosaic frame around the mirror.  We started with a standard, builder-grade flat mirror.  My sweet hubby built a wooden frame to fit on top of the mirror and I put the mosaic on the frame.

I gathered glass blobs, little mirrors, and broken tiles and plates, then used E-6000 glue to attach them to the wood.  Once the glue was dry, I applied white non-sanded grout around the tiles and wiped off the excess with a tiling sponge.  Once that was dry I painted the exposed wood on the edges of the frame with white latex paint.

To attach the frame to the mirror, I left a few blank spots on the frame without tiles and we put long screws through the frame into the wall (the frame over-hangs the mirror on the sides so we were able to screw through the frame without hitting the mirror).  Then I glued some mosaic pieces on top of the screws and grouted around them so the screws are hidden.

I painted the walls with a light aqua color that I also used on the walls in the nursery.  Then I went over them with a darker aqua glaze.  I applied it very softly and used a soft brush to blend any rag or brush marks so it just looks kind of cloudy.  I really like the way the walls look, they make me think of water.

I sewed this bath curtain and made the frog and bug appliques (here's how to make appliques).

I painted 3 canvases for the bathroom: a frog, a turtle, and a dragonfly. They all have different colorful patterns in the background.

I found a cheap ceramic soap dispenser and painted stripes and dragonflies to match the bathroom, using ceramic paint.

I'm thrilled with how the bathroom (and the nursery) turned out.  I think they will last for several years.  If I want to change the look of the bathroom someday I could just use a new shower curtain and wall art for a more grown-up look, but for now bugs and frogs are perfect!!

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  1. LOVE the mosaic mirror! It’s such a fun piece for the bathroom and it really makes a statement!

  2. Super cute! I love the mosaic frame.

  3. I love this we are going to redo our br soon.
    Please come to our party:

  4. SO pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin’ party going on right now! (also doing red for the holidays)

  5. very cute

  6. Holy, cow! You are so artistic! I just keep wanting to read more past posts to see what else you have done! I wish I had your talent!

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