DIY {no sew} Apron from T-shirt!

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 A while back I posted this:

Top 10 Things To Make Out Of T-shirts

And ever since then I have been trying to come up with fun things to make out of our old t-shirts.  Recently I turned one of my old t-shirts into an apron for my son and it turned out even better than I had imagined!

DIY {no sew} APRON from a T-shirt!

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You will need:

T-shirt (mine is women's small, he is about 4T-5T)


washable marker

yard stick

1.  Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface with the back facing up.


2.  Starting at the center of the bottom hemline, cut straight up towards the tag and stop cutting when you get to the neck-line.


3. Cut around the back of the neck-line and remove the tag.



4.  Lay the shirt out flat.  Using a washable marker and yard-stick, draw a line from the bottom corner of the front of the shirt to the neckline (then do the same on the other side).



5. To make the apron tie, draw parallel lines coming out from the edges of the apron (mine are about 1" below the t-shirt sleeves, and 2" wide).



6.  Cut along the lines you drew for the edges of the apron and apron ties


 Now you have an apron!  You can run it through the wash to get the marker lines to wash off.

DIY {no sew} APRON from a T-shirt!

And now you can see how I added the cute designs on the apron using Folk Art Multi Surface Paint and Handmade Charlotte Stencils, and also painted his kitchen stool to match!Little Helper Kitchen Apron and Stool


  1. Great Idea! Can’t wait to try that!

  2. This is such a cute idea!!!

  3. What a neat Idea especially one for when the grandchildren come over and you need something to cover there cloths so they can finger paint. Most everyone has a T-shirt or 2 you can spare. Love this!!!

  4. my boys paint all the time and love to help me in the kitchen…i was planning to buy some fabric and get aprons stitched for them but i think this will be so much cooler and fun. will try it out and let you know how it goes!

  5. i am actually looking for a new way to create a special cancer awareness outfit for my basset to wear at the next paws for a cause walk in oct. I want to use a cancer awareness tshirt to make this then add ruffles onto the end of it i will let you know how it turns out thanks!

    • Dona W. says:

      What a great idea !! When your grandchildren come over with there good cloths on and they want to get into something messy. We always have a stained T-Shirt we are happy to part with.
      Thank you so much. The next time they are here it will be fun just to do this little project. And I have form they can paint different pictures on there new apron.


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