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It has been starting to get pretty warm here in Texas but that doesn't change the fact that my little boy wants to be outside all the time.  I think it's great that he loves to play outside and I wanted to encourage his outdoor playtime in the upcoming summer months by setting up a water table on our porch for him to play with.  I looked at buying a new one but then decided I already had just about everything I needed to make one out of things we already had.

I put together this water table for next to nothing and he has already gotten several hours of entertainment out of it!

We have some plastic tubs that I store under our King-sized bed (mainly to keep the dogs from making that their den) so I just set one on our coffee table that we have on our patio.

If you don't have an outdoor coffee table, you could build a water table like this one from The Inspiration Thief:

I filled ours with lots of fun water toys:

bathtub sea animal squirters

plastic cup

watering can


cups with holes in the bottoms

floating balls

water mill (my only purchase for this project-- I found it at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks)

He likes to pour water into the containers...

...stack the cups, throw the balls into the water to make big  splashes, squirt the sea animals... and of course get all wet!

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  1. I’d love for you to share this on Summer Activities Collection for Toddlers! A water table is a great summer fun activity idea! I will be posted ALL SUMMER for mom’s to link up to!
    Mackenzie :)

  2. This looks like so much fun. My girls just started taking showers and they miss their bath toys! I think this would be a great (and practical!) solution, since we have these bins at home too.
    Your kiddo is too adorable!

  3. Great thinking! I did a similar idea last year with our plastic tobogan/sled! But just left it on the floor of the deck. Cause I am lazy like that and like to make my kids’ legs fall asleep from sitting on them too long. LOL.

  4. Great idea and it’s all FREE! Love it! I need to keep this in mind for next summer when my guy will be ready to play!

  5. Crystal says:

    Super fun!! Every kid loves to get wet. Great idea!! Pinning it!!

  6. Love this idea and wish I had come across the post before I spent $57 on a premade water table. Wanted to let you know I featured your post in a roundup of DIY water table ideas. Here’s the link:


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