Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

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I love coming up with fun learning experiences that both of my boys can enjoy together!  This Easter play tub has already provided hours of entertainment and many different kinds of learning experiences for only a few dollars!  I will show you how I made it and some of the ways they like to play with it.

Easter Play Tub

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large plastic tub (I have one that use for sensory play and change out the materials throughout the year)

I found all of the following materials at Dollar Tree:

artificial flowers and butterflies

small foam eggs

plastic Easter eggs

egg dying kit

white rice

large zip-lock bag

warm water


I used the egg-dying kit to dye the rice.  I dissolved each tablet in 1/2 cup warm water in a large plastic zip-lock bag.  Once the tablet was dissolved I added the rice to the dye and mixed it up.  Then I poured the rice onto a plate lined with paper towels and let it sit out overnight to dry.

When the rice was dry I put it in the tub and added the rest of the materials.

I made sure to get materials that matched the colors of the plastic baskets that came with the egg-dying kit.

easter bin

Here are some fun ways to play and learn with these materials:

*Color matching- put all the items in the plastic basket that matches their color

*Counting- ask how many yellow flowers (or any other material) they can find in the tub; or use plastic magnetic numbers (or numbers written on paper) in each basket and have them find that many items to put in each basket

*Matching like-items- have them get all the flowers (or eggs, etc.) and put them in a pile, then count them

*Fine-motor- putting items in baskets or in plastic eggs and then shutting the eggs

*Sensory- putting items in eggs and shaking them to see what sound they make; touching everything and digging around in the rice, etc...


I love to watch them play and see what they come up with on their own!


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Happy Easter!


  1. Crystal Nell says:

    What a fun play tub and awesome idea!! Pinned :)

  2. Judy Barber says:

    cute idea for my preschool class

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