“F” is for Fish

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This is one of my favorite alphabet crafts so far, it turned out so pretty!

 We got a little crazy when we learned about the letter "F"-- we got a pet fish for my son!  I'm happy to report that "Yogo" (no idea what that means but my son said his name is Yogo) is alive and well after a month of living with us!  My son has fun feeding him and watching him eat everyday and likes to say "Yogo is such a nice fish!"

Here is our fish craft project:

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clear contact paper
colored tissue paper
colored paper (I used one of his paintings also but you could also get your kids to paint the fish)
1. Cut out fish, bubble, wave, grass, and coral shapes.
2. Cut out 2 pieces of contact paper that are the same size.  Remove the backing on one piece and lay it sticky-side-up on a table.  Let your child start sticking on the shapes.
(Okay, I'm just noticing how dirty his shirt is... but why should I be surprised?)
3. I encouraged him to put the plants and coral at the bottom and the fish, waves, and bubbles at the top and middle of the page.
4.  When your child is done sticking on the paper shapes, take the other piece of contact paper and stick it on top of the other one, sealing the shapes in-between the two sheets.  Use your hands to smooth out any bubbles.
Display it in a window to show off all the pretty colors!

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  1. We love contact paper crafts! Thanks for this great idea. I blogged about it here:


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