Fall Table Runner {easy!}

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{This post was originally published a couple years ago but I wanted to share it again because it is still one of my favorite fall decorations and was incredibly easy to make!}

I was so excited when I received a box full of Aleene's glues and adhesives; maybe a little too excited because I tore into them and started using them before I even had time to take a picture of them.  I have found them SO useful in so many projects... I especially love using the Tacky Tape Runner on projects that I make with my toddler because  it holds as well as craft glue but doesn't require drying time!  I also used the Max Tacky Adhesive on a caterpillar craft I made with my son and it has held up great to lots of playing (he even sleeps with it!)

This is an insanely easy and cheap project to make and I think it looks super cute!  Besides the glue, all of the supplies came from the dollar store!  Believe me, you don't even have to be crafty to pull this one off!

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Aleene's tacky glue
felt leaf place-mats from the dollar store
1. Lay out the leaves along the edge of a counter-top in an arrangement that will look good as a runner.
2. Now for the hard part (not really)... put glue along the edges that overlap.
3. Use heavy objects like pots and pans or books to hold the leaves together until the glue is dry.
When the glue is dry, it is ready to go!  Now you can look like a craft rock-star and nobody has to know how cheap and easy it was to make!

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Here are some more fabulous projects using Aleene's glues and adhesives:

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