Fall Wreath

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 With 2 wild little monkeys (oops, I meant boys) needing my constant attention I don't have too much time to be crafty these days, but every once in a while I can fit something in... here's how I got to make a new fall wreath:


I worked on the wreath on the porch while they played in the backyard (they were in their element, I was in mine).

When I took the photo my son was coming to ask me for some help getting the mud off his hands... which was AWESOME because a year ago he would have tried to get it off himself... with his mouth.  Progress, people!

This wreath only cost me $1 to make!  Someone had given me the Styrofoam wreath, I used scrap fabrics, and I bought the bird at Dollar Tree (I also used scissors, hot glue, and a little bit of thin wire).  If you don't have a Styrofoam wreath you can be cheap and crafty and make your own out of a pool noodle!


1.  I started by tearing the fabric into strips about 1.5" wide.

2.  I tied the strips around the wreath form and then trimmed off the ends so the edge was more even.


3.  After that it still needed a little something, so I made a bow out of burlap ribbon (using a little wire to hold it together) and hot-glued the bow and the bird onto the wreath.


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  1. Very cute! Love it!

  2. Super cute! Wat type of knot did you use? I made one and I had some of the foam showing through in places. I overlapped the material and the only place it showed was around the knots. Any ideas?

    • Thanks! I wish I knew what the knot is called… I just held both ends together and tied them in a single knot. After I tied several on I would scoot them closer together. If you look really close at mine I’m sure you could see the foam base, I’m hoping nobody will look that close;)

  3. Fabric and burlap, YES please! Love this!!! Creative and so cute. Come link up to the Fall Wreath challenge at The CSI Project. It is going on right now.

  4. Gorgeous wreath! I like the combination of fabrics and the bird! I’m pinning this wreath!


  5. Genie Sandlin says:

    I am going to make the fabric wreath. I love it, and I have bunches if left over material.


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