Forest Creature Creations with PomTree Kids

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Yesterday I showed you some of the fun things we have been doing this week as we learn about the forest, and today I'm going to show you the super-fun forest creature creations we have made using a PomTree Kids craft kit!


 This is the PomTree Kids "Mega Kit" we used to make our forest creature creations:
PomTree Kids Mega Kit

Using the mess-free supplies in this kit and also some natural objects we found in the forest (like leaves, sticks, and nuts) we made all these creature creations:


Caterpillars on branches- made by hot-glueing puff-balls to branches and letting the boys decorate them with foam stickers

Stick Insect- legs made from pipe-cleaners twisted around the stick, head made of puff-ball and beads that are hot-glued on

Cutout woodland creatures- the boys had fun coloring these

Bird in Nest- made from pipe-cleaners, puff-balls, and felt bird sticker

Dragonfly- made out of foam strips glued together and then decorated with foam stickers

Spiders- I started with 4 4" pieces of pipe-cleaners which I twisted together in the center and then bent to form legs

Making Spider Legs

The boys especially enjoyed making the spider bodies with the foam stickers!

Making PomTree Spiders

I loved how they were so absorbed in taking the stickers off the page and putting them on just the right spot on the spider body.  Great fine-motor skill practice!


When we were done making all of our forest creature creations, we glued them (along with some extra leaves from our leaf-painting project) onto a large tree that I had painted on a foam-board.

When it dried we had a beautiful "Forest Creature Creations" collage and a great way to review all that we had learned about what is in a forest.


I really liked the PomTree Kit because it was great for improving the kids' fine-motor skills and encouraging creativity.  They love playing with stickers and are also enjoying some of these other fun kits from PomTree Kids.  As a mom, I also like these kits because they are mess-free and glue-free and keep the kids entertained for a long time!


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