Fresco Painting

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What do you do with a funky little office nook in your kitchen?  Turn it into a little rustic Tuscan escape!  Believe it or not these walls were originally covered in black wallpaper with fruit on it.  I re-textured the walls with a rustic skip trowel texture and painted them to look like ancient plaster that was crumbling off to reveal stonework underneath.  On the top of the wall I painted an ancient-looking grapevine.

To fill the funky shape on the lower wall, I painted an antique-looking fresco.  I added glaze to my paints to make them look more transparent and worn off.  Then when I was done I sanded some areas and put a light brown glaze over the whole painting.

I also did some work in the adjoining hallway to tie these 2 spaces together.  I re-textured and glazed these walls as well and then painted a grapevine around the "wine cellar".

I also painted trompe l'oeil stone around the arched doorway to make it stand out a little more.



  1. You are a bad influence, says my Husband. Ha! You are an amazing artist. After seeing your paintings I have decided to do some in my bathroom. See why he made that comment about you. But he does admit you are very talented. Good work on the plate and urn also. You are my kind of gal.

  2. I LOVE this painting. Makes me want to go to Italy! And drink some wine!

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