Fun Times Learning About RAINBOWS!

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Last week I began introducing my son to a new concept of "Play and Learn School" (PALS)-- a home-school preschool we will be doing this year, partially at home and partially as a co-op with friends.  I am very excited about doing this together and I was extremely pleased at how he responded to our trial run this week!

Throughout the year we will be learning about different subjects corresponding to letters of the alphabet (beginning with "A" next week) but to get started I wanted him to learn more about something that he is really interested in right now, which is RAINBOWS!  He has been a bit obsessed with drawing them lately!

Fun times learning about RAINBOWS!

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Here are some of the fun things we did to learn about rainbows:
1. Color sorting in a muffin pan


2. We glued strips of paper in ROYGBIV order, then he learned how to use glue and glued buttons on the corresponding colors.


3.  PAINT- first we learned about the primary colors and mixed them to make secondary colors, then we painted some rainbows.  We did some by dotting the colors along the edge of a sponge and using that like a paint brush, then I let him use a small paint brush to paint more rainbows and experiment with mixing colors.


4. We read "The Rainbow Fish" and made our own rainbow fish out of paper and foil.


5. We made a rainbow snack!
20130815_1034296. We printed and laminated these fun "Rainbow Counting Cards" from Confessions of a Homeschooler (she has TONS of awesome free printables)!  These were a lot of fun to play with!


7.  We also did a printable rainbow dot-marker worksheet from Marcia's Lesson Links

We had a blast this week playing and learning about rainbows and I'm excited about doing our "Play and Learn" school this year!

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