IF God is real…

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Last fall I read an amazing and life-changing book called “Kisses from Katie,” about a girl who followed God's calling to Uganda after high school to do mission work.  She was (and is) willing to say “YES” to God whenever he reveals a need to her, and God has done absolutely amazing things through her.   This book made it real to me that God really can do anything, and if we are willing to say “yes” to Him he can use us to do incredible things in our own communities and in this world.

God is probably not calling all of us to go to Uganda or adopt 13 children like Katie has done, but if we are willing to say “yes” to God, he can use us right here, right now, no matter what we feel our limitations might be (time, small children, skills, money... God is bigger than all of these things that hold us back).

As I have recently been seeking opportunities in my life to serve God and to live this one life well (and let me tell you, if you seek opportunities to serve God you will find them) I read a blog post by Jen Hatmaker about the If: Gathering and it started stirring something in my soul and really resonating with what I was seeking for my life.  Jen and several other awesome, inspirational Christian women (authors, speakers, bloggers) are coming together to lead a conference in Austin called If:Gathering.  They want to bring women together to be inspired, worship, pray, and ask the question “If God is real, then what?”  

The If: Gathering website states "...we do not want to waste our lives here on earth. We believe that we need to find our purposes individually and corporately for our generation. We believe that we can have a greater impact if we come together and execute some mission together. We will begin to offer you ways in which to live out your calling for the sake of the Kingdom, the world at large, and your immediate communities..."  Um, that's pretty much EXACTLY what has been on my heart too!

The purpose of the If Gathering is to:
GATHER women together in unity
EQUIP us with an understanding of God and His purposes for our lives
UNLEASH us for the good of others in the name of Christ in our own communities and across the world

Apparently this idea of the If: Gathering really stirred the souls of a lot of women because they opened up registration for the conference to 1200 women and it sold out in 42 minutes!  The leaders began praying and decided to open it up to any women in the world interested in joining, so now they will be live-streaming the conference to groups of women all over the world (seriously, check out that map of where If:Local groups are meeting--- God is doing something awesome!)

My church will be hosting If:Local and I want to encourage you to join this awesome gathering of women too!  All you need is an internet connection and a screen to watch it on--- this can be a few girlfriends in someone's living room or a large gathering of women at a church-- whatever works for you!

Let’s come together as women to spend our lives well, let’s be willing to say “Yes” yes to God!


  1. Crystal Nell says:

    Sounds like a great event. Checking it out. Thanks :)

  2. just found your site, love it, He use you for His glory

  3. Read this from your link on fb group if:local. Love your post and love kisses from katie.

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