Kid Artwork Greeting Cards

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You may remember when we did "first time finger-paints" and my son made his first finger-paint masterpiece.  Well I couldn't bring myself to throw it away and it was a little big to hang on the fridge, so I decided to use it to make greeting cards!  I'm going to use them as thank-you notes for Christmas gifts.  This is a great thing do do with your kids' artwork because not only are you recycling and saving their hard work from being thrown away (or put away to be "saved" and never seen again) you are sharing their artwork with people who will (hopefully) appreciate having something handmade by your child!

I used a ruler to divide the painting into 3.75"x5.75" sections, then cut them out.

I also cut out some white paper the same size as the artwork, and then some black paper 6"x8".

I folded each sheet of black paper in half and used a glue stick to glue a sheet of white paper on the inside (to write the note on) and then glued the artwork to the front of the card.

I put them under a book to dry so they would be flat.

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  1. Great idea! I’ve done this so many times and it takes away the guilt of throwing away something made by our precious child’s little hands. What ever the recipient does with it, I don’t want to know.

  2. I do this, too! I actually posted the idea on my blog today. :) We used papers that were colored with crayons.

  3. this is a really cute idea I’d love it if you would add them to my What We Wore and Made link party over at

  4. I love this, Kate. We did something similar last year and Little Crafter was able to give his grandma a set of 10 blank cards featuring his artwork. So special! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Very cute idea! Love you can use your little one’s art to share.

  6. super cute and one of a kind gift


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