Love Necklace

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I have had a lot of people asking to purchase these from me, and I’m happy to announce that they are now available at my new Etsy shop!


I wanted to share this sweet necklace that would make a wonderful gift for the ladies in your life!  It would also be great with the word “mom” or a name!

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thick silver (or silver-coated) wire

thin silver (or silver-coated) wire

silver chain- cut into 8″ and 6″ sections

2 beads (I used a murano glass bead and freshwater pearl)

lobster clasp

pliers (round-tipped and needle-nosed)

wire clippers

jewelry hammer (or a hammer with a smooth face)

jewelry hammering block (or thick piece of metal to hammer on)

To get started I used the round-tipped pliers to twist the thick wire to spell “love.”

When I was done shaping it I hammered it with my jewelry hammer.

Next, I made the bead pendants.

Using the thin wire, I made a little loop around the tip of my pliers.

I clipped off the extra wire from the end of the loop and then slipped the bead on the long part of the wire, then made another loop on the other side of the bead.

Next, I made the teardrop pearl pendant.

I put the wire through the hole on the pearl and then folded the edges up and made a loop on top of the pearl.

I wrapped the wire around the top of the pearl and then clipped off the extra.

I slipped the pearl pendant onto the loop I made on one side of the glass bead and then attached my cute little dangle pendant  to the “love” with the loop on the other side of the bead (clipping off the excess wire).

Then I was ready to attach the chain.  These chain links were too small to attach directly to the thick wire (if your chain is bigger you can just attach the links directly to the loops on the ends of “love”) so I made little wire attachers for each end.

To make these, I used the thin wire to make a loop around my plier tips, then twisted the wire around the top of the loop to hold it securely.

I made another loop with the other end of the wire, slipped it through the link at the end of the 8″ chain, wrapped it in the middle, then clipped off the excess.  This formed a figure 8 with extra wraps in the center to hold it secure (this is what you see on the end of the chain).

I slipped the loop on the end of the wire attacher through the loop of the “L” and then used the flat-tipped pliers to pinch the loop on the “L” shut.  I used the same technique to attach the 6.5″ chain to the “e.”

To attach the clasp to the ends of the chain, I made a little wire attacher just like I did to attach the “love.”  Then for the other side  I made a similar wire attacher but made one of the loops large enough for the clasp to go through it.

And it’s ready to go!

These make great gifts for a special gal in your life!  It would also be fun to make them with different words, like “Mom,” “sister,” or someone’s name.

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I would love to hear what you have to say!

  1. I just love your tips and ideas… I think we are kindred crafters… so glad to have fouod your site! :) Do you8 have any tips on how to do names or other words? Would ‘LOVE’ some of your expert tips. Thanx again, Alicia

    • Thanks Alicia! I would just start with pencil and paper and see how you can make words work using all one line. Some letters (like i or t) are going to be tricky so you will have to be creative… maybe add a bead if you need to dot an i or curve the wire back around from the end if you need to do a t.

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