MOTHER Load of Rainy Day Activities for Kids!!!

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Saturday was the first day of March and we enjoyed spending the day outside in the beautiful 80-degree weather!  Then yesterday the temps dropped about 60 degrees and here we are stuck inside again for another ice day!  I thought this would be a perfect time to share my "Mother-load of Rainy Day Activities for Kids"-- just in-case anyone else is desperately trying to find fun things to keep their kids busy and happy inside!MOTHER-load of RAINY DAY Activities for Kids-- Pin it for a rainy day!

Looking for something to do with your kids on a rainy (or snowy, icy, or cold/hot) day?

Here are lots of fun ideas (for indoors and out)!!!

rainy day activities 1

1. Playtime with Cars, Balls, and Foam Mats from Powerful Mothering, 2. Oat Play Tub from Cheap Crafty Mama, 3. Rainy Day Box from Making Time for Mommy, 4. Fun Foam Shapes from Cheap Crafty Mama, 5. Sensory Wall Mosaic Art from Mama Smiles, 6. Rain Sticks from Green Owl Art, 7. Indoor Cardboard Hopscotch from Happy Hooligans, 8. Creating a Rain Jar from Teach Preschool, 9. Kids Self-Portraits from Art History Mom

rainy day collage 2

1.  Indoor Yoga from Swing Whistle Zing, 2. Microwave Puffy Paint from Cheap Crafty Mama, 3. Bowling for Fun from Cheap Crafty Mama, 4. Indoor Hopscotch from Green Owl Art, 5. Sock Puppets from Cheap Crafty Mama, 6. 15 Fun Ways to use Contact Paper from Learn with Play at Home,  7. DIY Finger Paints from Cheap Crafty Mama, 8. Blanket Fort from Cheap Crafty Mama, 9. Rainy Day Paper Web from  Craftulaterainy day collage 3

1. Perfect Playdough Recipe from Cheap Crafty Mama, 2. Kid Drawing from Cheap Crafty Mama, 3. Painters Tape Roadway from Mama Papa Bubba, 4. Recycled Art from Cheap Crafty Mama, 5. Dry-erase Crayons from Suzy Homeschooler, 6. Square Collage from Mess for Less, 7. Water-drop Mazes from Busy Kids Happy Mom, 8. Marble Art from Cheap Crafty Mama, 9. Truck Ramp from Cheap Crafty Mamarainy day collage 41. Ice Boads, Rain Puddles, and Color Mixing from Suzy Homeschooler, 2. Coffee Filter Rain Art from Green Owl Art, 3. Rain Art from Play Dr. Mom, 4.  Fizzy Puddle from Simple Fun For Kids

And here are some more awesome ideas for rainy days:

Top 10 Rainy Day Fun Activities from Making Time for Mommy

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Snow Day Activities (Indoor) from The Chaos and The Clutter


  1. Terrific ideas! Thanks for including our Rainy Day Rain Art!

  2. We’ve had so much rain and winter seems to be lingering so I’ll certainly be trying a few of these activities. And thank you for including Art History Mom!

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