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 Welcome to icemageddon 2013.  We have been stuck in our house for 3 days straight because the ground outside is solid ice.  Did I mention that we live in Texas?

We might be starting to feel a little stir-crazy now but I have to admit we have had a lot of fun together, even if I am feeling a little cross-eyed from all the crafting.

This is a fun project we made using things I could round-up from around the house!

Paper Plate Wreath- cute craft for kids to make!


paper plate

tissue paper and crinkly paper strips (all from my recycled Christmas wrapping stash)





I cut out a circle in the center of the plate (luckily there was an embossed line for me to follow) and I covered the plate with glue and let my son get to work sticking things on.


After a while we decided it needed some puff balls too.


Once the glue dried I tied on a ribbon and it was ready to go add some Christmas cheer to our home decor!


Also, check out our paper-plate angels we made!

Paper Plate Angel

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  1. Crystal Nell says:

    Great project with the kids :) I live in Houston, TX and we are just cold, but no ice or snow. My daughter got snow at college in Huntsville, but we got zip. Keep warm!

  2. JennGlatts says:

    This is so cute! I bet your kiddo had so much fun! I am definatly gonna have to do this one with my kiddos! The ice in TX is THE worst, you wouldnt even think it was possible! I feel for you, we moved back to Las Vegas after 2 years in the country west of Ft Worth and both winters were the worst!!

  3. Love this, turned out so cute! I really need to get around to making one with Aarya as well.


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