Simply fun birthday party– Pinterest can KISS it!

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I really do enjoy getting crafty, making cute decorations and yummy food, and finding party-planning inspiration on Pinterest; but when you have two energetic (and mobile, eek!) little boys somethings gotta give!  These days I feel like all of my time and energy is consumed by just making it through the day with as many (unharmed) children as I started with, so for my baby's first birthday I decided to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) so the celebration wouldn't be a cause of stress for me and so we could ALL enjoy his birthday!

There were lots of times I would think "oh, wouldn't it be cute if I made _________..." but then I just reminded myself to K.I.S.S.!

Here 's how I kept it simple:

*Co-hosted the party with a friend whose boys have birthdays within a week of my son.

*Sent an Evite instead of hand-crafted paper invitations

*Ordered a delicious, huge cake from Costco instead of making cupcakes

*We each brought snacks and drinks, most of which were purchased at Costco

*Purchased plates/napkins/forks at the dollar store 

*Got helium-filled balloons that doubled as decorations and party favors 

I think you can see that all of these ideas are time-savers and also money-savers!  

We requested that our guests please not bring gifts for our boys, but if they wished to they could bring items to donate to a family who lost their home in Moore, Oklahoma.  We were happy that our boys could be given the true gift of helping others instead of more things that they don't need.

I have to say I felt like this party was a great success.  I was able to not stress about it and I really enjoyed celebrating these boys; but most importantly, my son had a BLAST!  (Okay, I'm sure he would have had a blast no-matter what kind of extravagant pin-spired decorations and food I created, but he will not remember those things).  These memories are priceless!


Happy Birthday to my sweet, HAPPY boy!

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  1. I can not believe Sweet Baby Adam is 1. I miss him, but on the good time, I will blink again and he will be back in my room in the nursery :)

  2. Crystal says:

    Looks like he had a blast!! Happy 1st Birthday Adam!!

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