Turkey Hand/Foot-print Keepsake Plate

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 Last year I celebrated my first Thanksgiving as a mother of two; I had a whole lot to be thankful for but not much extra time!  I made this sweet plate after Thanksgiving– too late to put it out for decoration, but I’m so glad I took a little time to make it so I can enjoy it this year, and many more to come!  Their sweet little hands and feet won’t fit nicely on a plate too much longer!

thanksgiving plate square

I used a plain white ceramic plate from Dollar Tree.

To make the turkey’s feathers I had my older son make 3 hand-prints using red, orange, and yellow acrylic paint.  Once that was dry, I made a brown footprint with baby brother’s adorable pudgy little foot (look at those tiny toes)!

I used black, white, red, and orange puff paint bottles to complete the turkey face and write the words on the plate.

This year I’m thankful that I took the time to preserve their little hands and feet so I can always remember our first Thanksgiving as a family of four!

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I would love to hear what you have to say!

    • Thanks! I can’t remember if I sealed it but I think it would be a good idea to seal it with minwax polycrylic spray or something similar.

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    • I just let it air dry because I’m not sure how the puff paint would do in the oven. I suggest using a spray-on clear coat like minwax polycrylic

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    • I didn’t because I wasn’t sure how the puffy paint would do in the oven. For extra protection you can use a protective clear-coat.

  4. Hi Kate. Love the beaded cross. When I saw your picture I was like I know her. Your brother John and my son went to school together. I live just a couple of streets over from you.

    • After I was done with the hand-prints and all of the decorative painting on the plate, I sprayed the whole plate with minwax polycryclic. Does that help?

  5. Hi, I love this! Any specific paint you used for the hands/footprint? I just have the kids Crayola paint jars. Wanted to see if that would work since you spray it after.

    • I used acrylic paint like FolkArt or Americana. I don’t recommend using kids crayola paint for this project since it is washable.

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    • I just keep a wet paper towel close by and if they are really little I try to keep them tied down in a high chair or bumbo until I have them cleaned up. Good luck!

  7. Love these! Making some with my 5 kiddos on construction paper… bc that’ s what I have on hand today.. to give to grandparents at Thanksgiving. Oh, and one to keep for myself of course! I may pick up a plate next time I’m at the store to make a permanent one. Thank you for the awesome idea!