“Y” is for Yarn Nests!

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 I have definitely gotten behind on my alphabet crafts, but I'm so close now... I have to finish out with some awesome projects!

We are enjoying all of God's beautiful new creations this spring, so we recently made these adorable yarn nests!

I have to mention that I think I saw a craft on Pinterest that inspired this project but I can't find it now to give credit to the one who inspired me, so if it is you please let me know!


brown paper cut into nest shape (I made mine out of paper grocery bags)

paper eggs in various colors

googly eyes


paper cut into diamond shapes (for beaks)





First we decorated the paper eggs.  The boys decorated some of them with paint and made some of them into chicks.

To make the chicks we glued on googly eyes, a beak (a diamond folded in half), and feathers.

Next the boys glued their chicks and eggs on the nest.


 Then I put some glue on the nests and let the boys stick yarn all over them.

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Easter Play Tub {from Dollar Store}

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  1. Crystal Nell says:

    So cute! What a fun craft for kids.

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